Cluster Analysis

Basics Tidyverse is a set of R libraries that enables the best methods for Data Management. I will use the tidyverse libraries to perform cluster analysis and provide this information to other data science teams in the industry. library(devtools) install_github("kassambara/factoextra") Introduction to R Data Preparation and R Packages Required Packages dplyr tidyr testthat cluster factoextra Data Standardization We need the ability to transform vectors in our data frames to standard variables.

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Applying Natural Language Processing to Predict

Utilizing Natural Language Processing to predict text is interesting. I built a small little tool to test the NLP process. The video shows how to use this tool to predict text. I embedded this video within the application I wrote that utilizes the Natural Language Processing model I built to predict the next text word after you put them in place. I developed this when I was in the Data Science Capstone on-line course with John Hopkins University.

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Native Graph Database, Neo4j, improves Healthcare

Data are one of the most import resources in Healthcare to enable the Triple Aim. If you not familiar with the triple aim, it is focused on: Better Health Better Care Lower Cost Better health means that your organization and you are working on finding ways to create a better experience for the healthcare population that you support. Better care requires that you are delivering care at the highest level.

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