Applying Natural Language Processing to Predict

Utilizing Natural Language Processing to predict text is interesting. I built a small little tool to test the NLP process. The video shows how to use this tool to predict text. I embedded this video within the application I wrote that utilizes the Natural Language Processing model I built to predict the next text word after you put them in place. I developed this when I was in the Data Science Capstone on-line course with John Hopkins University.

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Leveraging Python in R to use the Neo4j Bolt driver

Neo4j in the language R I have been fortunate to work with the Neo4j graph database using the language R over the last two years. A former data scientist that worked for Neo4j, Nicole White, implemented the package RNeo4j and released it in 2015. This solution enabled R developers and data scientists to access the Neo4j database in the R language. The package uses the Neo4j REST API and then process the data in a data.

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